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Dynamic Data Dissimination in Resource Constrained Environment

Vivekananda Tadala


As the information on the web is increasing at an exponential rate, the techniques to access it from devices with intermitent connectivety or with very low bandwidth become more important. We propose a 4-tier collaborative framework for accelerating dynamic content dissemination that will cater the information needs of such users by exploiting presonalization, caching, fragmentation and collobaration there by efficiently using the resources.

Our system uses users previous access logs to build profiles and uses these profiles to identify users information need. It prefetches and automatically fragments the pages, identifies updates of fragments which are relevant and novel and sorts the updates and sends only personalised novel updates to the client. Since the network bandwidth is the main bottleneck resource, our system sends only the updated fragments to the client. In our system, peers collobarate to get content when there is no or very less connectivety.

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