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Object-level Partitioning of Applications



Most of the existing work on application partitioning uses classes as the basic component for distribution. However, the behavior of an application is determined by the interactions of its entities at run-time. In an object-oriented program, the run-time entities are principally objects. We believe that a more effective and relevant partitioning mechanism can be created by considering objects, as the basic components for distribution. We are trying to investigate the issues related to object-level partitioning and devise mechanisms to handle the same.
Introduction : With the advent of high-speed computers and reliable links, distributed computing has emerged as a popular paradigm, because of the advantages like load and resource sharing offered by it.Distributed computing involves locating different components and objects comprising an application on different computers connected to a network. In current-day scenarios where there are multiple, complex applications, deployed on a network of nodes, using widely distributed resources, distributed execution is highly useful.However, coding such an application is not so easy. Programming languages like C/C++/Java provides RPC-based RMI, CORBA and like techniques. These techniques however, do not provide enough transparency. It is thus desirable to have a system, which can automatically distribute a standalone program adapting to varying distribution settings, and still provide the advantages of distributed computing. Application partitioning is one such technique. Application partitioning refers to breaking up of the application into distinct components. We have tried to investigate automatic distribution of object oriented programs. In literature, most people have researched on class level partitioning of applications and their automation. However, we feel strongly that object-level partitioning can prove to be more efficient and flexible for OO applications.

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