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Students' Projects

Integrated Case Based Reasoning And Rule Based Reasoning for Insurance

Palwencha Nagraj Krishna


The primary object of AI is to build computer systems which perform tasks that can be characterized as intelligent. Hybrid Intelligent System is a combination of two techniques with more strength and less weakness. The number of researches on hybrid models has been grown significantly in the last years, both in the development of intelligent systems and in the study of cognitive models. Having rules together with cases not only increases the architecture's domain coverage, it also allows innovative ways of doing case-based reasoning: the same rules that are used for rule-based reasoning are also used by the case-based component to do case indexing and case adaptation.The Expert System movement is a revolution in the way software's have been developed and used. We describe a computer program that implements an algorithm to verify the consistency and completeness of knowledge bases built for the expert system (iKen) shell. The rules described here are not specific to this particular shell and can be applied to many rule-based systems. iKen Core is an Integrated Development Shell Environment to develop, deploy and run knowledge-based web business applications, decision support systems and websites based on (or enhanced) with hybrid Artificial Intelligence (mainly integrated architectures of intelligent techniques: expert system, neural network, genetic algorithm and case-based reasoning.

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