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A Contention Window Differentiation Mechanism for providing QoS in 802.11

Mayank Mishra


The MAC mechanism used in 802.11 is DCF (Distributed Coordination Function). The 802.11, and in other words DCF, by itself is not suitable for the applications which are delay and bandwidth sensitive. In this project we propose our scheme to improve the QoS provided by 802.11. We first introduce the deficiencies of DCF, which make it unsuitable for QoS, and the primitive schemes and mechanisms generally employed to improve QoS in a WLAN. We then present the detailed discription of the QoS scheme proposed by us. We also cover the simulation results and the analytical model for our scheme. The analytical model is based on 'Markov chains' and draws its core idea from a paper "Performance Analysis of the IEEE 802.11 Distributed Coordination Function" by "Mr. Giuseppe Bianchi".

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