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Students' Projects

Building Cluster Environment For Interactive Users.

Khurange Ashish Govind


Many small scale industries and educational institutes can not afford PC per user. For them Thin Client computing architecture can provide a very cost effective solution. But at this stage in Thin Client computing there is only one server to which all the clients are connected. Hence this architecture can not provide high availability and scalability. Also adding one more server to this architecture is not going to solve the problems. My MTP is concerned with building cluster environment for interactive users, which will solve many problems in Thin Client computing.Working of thin client depends on DHCP, TFTP, NFS and XDMCP server. I have designed highly available cluster which removes all single point of failures and provides load balancing. Then I am implementing a file system  to support this cluster. This cluster can be converted to HPC using MOSIX. This will provide very cost effective computing solution.

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