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TitleAn Intelligent Multi-Layered Input Scheme for Phonetic Scripts
ConferenceSmartGraphics'02 , Hawthorne, NewYork  -   2002
Author(s)Shrinath Shanbhag  Durgesh Rao  Prof. R. K. Joshi 
AbstractWe introduce a new scheme for stylus-based input of phonetic scripts such as Indic, using a compact smart soft-keyboard. Phonetically related characters are grouped into layers and become dynamically available when the "group-leader" character is accessed. This scheme allows rapid input using taps and flicks. We have developed a prototype for Devanagari which covers the complete script using just 21 virtual keys, and preliminary tests indicate that it is very easy to use with little or no training. This scheme seems to be optimal for compact keyboarding of phonetic scripts, such as Indic, on hand-held and mobile devices. It can be extended to other phonetic scripts such as IPA. It can also be used equally well as an alternate, simpler soft keyboard for conventional desktop systems.

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