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All users are requested to read the following document and fill the form given at the end of the document, include this doc and the form in your reply to labs[at] with "I AGREE" in the subject line. Your mail is expected within two days of your becoming a KReSIT student/project employee/staff member/researcher.

ENTRY to Lab/s and Key transfer policy

Labs may be used 24 hours. But follow the lab key transfer policy.

During non working hours, if a user is leaving the lab and finds that there is no one else in the lab then the user must lock the lab and hand over keys to the watchman. To open the lab, watchman will ask you for your id card. So keep your identity card with you always. Please keep a register in the lab and enter the key issuing date/time.

When you leave the lab if no one else is in the lab then lock the lab and handover the key in the office during office hours and to the watchman during non-office hours.

Only students of KReSIT may use the labs. Others need authorization to work in the labs. If you find unauthorised users in the labs, please report immediately to the KReSIT office.

Only faculty, research scholars, staff and some RAs have access to the server room. KReSIT students, staff may enter the server room to meet the sysads when they are present in the server room.

A few more points to be noted:

  • Refrain from downloading and displaying objectionable graphics (or playing sounds) which others might consider offensive.
  • Use your headphones to listen to music for the comfort of your fellow students.
  • Doing outside work as part of a formal consultancy project is allowed, within limits.
  • Switch off monitors when not in use.
  • Smoking is Not Allowed in any IITB buildings.
  • Discussions may be held in the meeting rooms available in the building.
  • Avoid casual conversation etc., in the labs. Silence should be maintained in the labs.
  • Regarding food and beverages:

    If you bring food into the lab, it becomes a smelly mess and a very unpleasent work environment unless everything is cleaned up and the containers etc., are disposed off. Also, we begin to have a mouse problem. No, not the pointing devices; we mean you can get the furry variety! If you choose to bring in a beverage, please dispose off the container properly.


    Use the resources only for academic purposes. Do not let anyone else access your account. The user will be held fully responsible for any files in their account, and any abuse/misuse of their account. So,

  • Do not lend passwd to anyone.
  • Do not attempt to get other's passwd by fraud methods (by writing passwd cracking programs)
  • Check the permissions (must be 700 i.e. read/write/execute by owner) and contents of your rhosts file
  • SERVERS and your SYSTEMS

    Keep your work and any files that you think is important on the servers. Keep all the downloaded stuff, songs etc., on your own systems. Create a guest login on your system. The guest should not be able to login from remote locations. You will be instructed by sysads to set the permissions and privileges.


    Regular backups are taken of the main servers. Backing up your local system is your responsibility. It is advisable to keep a backup of your work and important files on the server as the server gets backed up everyday.


    Use the printer only for academic work. Do not print manpages or mails or FAQS and news articles. Utilities like mpage, psnup are available on all systems for printing two-sheets per page. Check the KReSIT web page for more details. Double sided printing should be done as far as possible. Duplex printer is attached to Cygnus.


    Periodically check the disk usage. If the partition on which you have your home area is 95% full then delete unwanted files. Songs, downloaded stuff should not be stored on the servers.


    Users have access to newsgroups on the KReSIT news server "" and also the Institute news server "Jeeves". Please remember that the USENET is a medium of public communication, and hence follow the following guidelines:

    1. Read the internet-news ethics before posting.
    2. Do not post-news by masquerading as somebody else.
    3. Do not chatter/flame on news.


    Move your mails to your home area, by configuring your mail reader. It is a good practice to delete unwanted mails and not allowing mail files to grow. Users found mailing indecent objectionable material will forfeit their account. When replying to mails check that you are not spamming.. Sending mail to a group of recipients should be done only when it is absolutely necessary.

    FTP and other INTERNET resources

    While some internet resources are available on the machine, they are meant for academic use only. Indiscriminate use of this will put heavy load on the network causing problems not only to users in our department, but to all the users in the campus. Users are requested to follow these guidelines strictly. Violation of these will cause lot of difficulty to many people and this will force the authorities to take stringent action.

    What should be done during vacation time?

    Send a mail to labs[at] with the following information. Your mail should have "VACATION" in the subject line.

    Your system name:
    System ip address:
    Location of your system:
    Duration of vaction/leave:
    Vacation from:

    ---------------- Start of Form to be filled ----------------------------------
    I have read the rules and regulations governing KReSIT lab usage and I agree to abide by them.

    Roll No (if student)
    Project (if project staff)
    User Id:
    ------------------End of form to be filled ---------------------------------

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