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Computing Facilities

"Good morning, Dr Chandra, this is Hal. I'm ready for my first lesson."


Although computers today are not anywhere near Hal's performance and "incapability of making an error", they have become pervasive and we depend on them for innumerable tasks. The School hosts one of the most advanced and powerful computing facilities in the institute. This section sheds light on these facilities along with information, tutorials on networking, general computing setup (emails, internet, newsgroups etc.) for newbies.

Everyone at KReSIT is assigned a computer which is theirs to use till they leave KReSIT. Many of these systems have dual booting (linux and windows), but there is an increasing trend towards "only Linux" machines. These systems can be configured according to the individual's requirement.

These workstations are supported by many servers for different purposes providing state-of-the art computing facilities unmatched elsewhere in the institute. These servers provide services like email, web-site hosting, ftp, databases etc. Servers run on different platforms (Intel+Linux, Sun Solaris, Alpha+Tru64, Intel+WindowsNT) providing a rich mix for study. For more information on servers/platforms visit the Server configurations section.

Login accounts on servers and Mail

Faculty and research scholars have been given logins on akash and they send/receive mails through akash. M.Tech students have logins on cygnus and and project staff are given accounts on sarathi. The office staff have their accounts on the fornax server. Read more about the mail system.

These servers run POP and IMAP services to enable users to access mail on their personal machines. You may prefer to use the web interface to mail.

Web and Newsgroups

Proxy authentication to access internet is given by the institute's Computer Center to students.
Usage of web: Accessing, downloading of objectionable material is not allowed.

For hosting personal homepages, each user has a "web/" directory under their home area. Web pages of the user can be placed under this directory. Pages placed under the "web/local/" directory are visible only within the IIT campus.

Many important announcements and discussions occur on newsgroups and every KReSITian is expected to subscribe. You may use the nice web interface for news or check out the HOWTOs for setting up news clients.

Other resources

A scanner has been setup in KReSIT lab 309. The scanner is a BenQ flatbed model with 600 x 1200 dpi optical resolution and USB port features. (See the Scanner HOWTO). There are numerous machines with CD-writers. (See the CD-writing HOWTO)

"Open the pod bay doors, Hal."

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