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New User

This document gives brief introduction to a user about their account on KReSIT servers and facilities.
  • Personal Accounts on Server : Faculty, Students, and Alumni every one is allocated space on main server of KReSIT:
    • Home Server :
    • Web Server :
      • Web Service: You have to create a directory named "web" inside your home directory and put your web documents inside that directory. We have enabled su-exec on our web server so that all your scripts will run with owner as your username, instead of www-data.
  • Mail Server :
  • Course Account : This is a courses account, for respective Faculty and TAs.
    • Courses Account:
    • We have standard template for a courses page. To get the standard template, mail sysads[at]
    • Every course account has an email id of the form <Course Acc. Name> Always create aliases for TAs, students, faculty, etc. Eg: For creating alias for it601 TAs, write a file named .courier-tas and write down the email ids of all TAs inside it with the format mentioned above. Then a mail to it601-tas will be forwarded to all those TAs.
  • Special Accounts : We also have some compute servers, for long-running computationally intensive tasks. See the compute servers page for more details.
  • standard aliases :
    • <faculty[at]> For Faculty.
    • <rs[at]> For Research Scholars.
    • <mtech04[at]> for Mtech 04 students.
    • <mtech05[at]> for Mtech 05 students.
    • <mtech06[at]> for Mtech 06 students.
    • <students[at]> For mtech + rs students.
    • <prjstf[at]> For project staff of KReSIT.
    • <alumni[at]> For Alumni.
    • <staff[at]> KReSIT department staff.
    • <sysads[at]> System Administrators of KReSIT.
    • <ita[at]> for Information Technology Association.
    • <all[at]> for all member of KReSIT. Do not use it unless it is Absolutely required.
  • Proxy Setting for browser to access the Web.
    • IITB LDAP Account : address : port : 80
    • Use same settings for HTTP/FTP/SSl/Gopher.
    • No proxy for :, This is according to mozilla browser
  • Settings for mail client :
    • Server Name :
    • Server Type : IMAP
    • Outgoing Server :
  • FAQs :

Q1 : How do I access my account from Windows ?
Ans : From windows you can use "secure shell"/"putty" to login to your home account. you can download this from

Q2 : How do I change my password ?
Ans : To change the password :
- User :
- Sysad :

Q3 : Whom should I contact in case of any difficulty regarding computing facility and my account.
Ans : Send a mail to sysads[at]

Q4 : Where should I keep my web content ?
Ans : Create a web directory in your home account if it is not already there. Put your home page and web related content inside the web directory.

Q5 : How can I use printer facility ?
Ans : You can use "lpr <file name>" command to fire your print from your home server. This will display the list of printers and their locations and properties.

Q6 : How can I access my mails ?
Ans : You can access by these ways
- Mail client of your choice from your desktop.
- pine/mutt from shell prompt of home server.
- Squirrelmail from the web browser.

Q7 : What is suexec ?
Ans : You can read up on suexec at the appropriate documentation page.

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