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These templates are for use by Faculty and Staff at KReSIT. After you create your webpages using these templates, you must please upload these to your web directory. Please do not send it back to webteam.

The place where IIT Bombay logo appears, may include your photograph. If you don't want to put your pic on the page, then please remove the IITB logo image.

Besides, if you don't want to put any information under a particular section, then please delete that section. It is not necessary that your page should have all the sections/headings mentioned in the templates.

These templates are for faculty and staff who don't have their pages ready at the moment. You are always welcome to have your own kind of web page. This is just the bare minimum information about you, we want to put on our website.

Comments, suggestions and any clarifications, to webteam [at] please.

  • Faculty Webpage Template
  • Staff Webpage Template
  • Student Webpage Template Please save these templates to your machine and edit them using your favourite text or html editor.

    For New Users

    1. Please create a directory called "web" in your home area and copy all the relevant files to that directory. The default file for the webpage should be index.php, index.php3, index.html or index.htm, which is read by the Apache WebServer.

    2. Give at least "execute" permission on the "web" directory to everybody (owner, group, others).

    For example, a user may issue the following command (assuming that he/she is working in home area)
    chmod 711 web

    3. If you also want to use CGI scripts in your web pages, then please create a subdirectory "cgi-bin" in the "web" directory and give at least "read" + "execute" permissions to everybody (owner, group, others).

    For example, a user may issue the following command (assuming that he/she is working in the "web" directory in home area).

    chmod 755 cgi-bin

    4. Also make sure that you give at least "execute" permission on your home directory to everybody.

    For example, a user called "kresit" having a home directory by the name of "kresit" may issue the following command.

    chmod 711 kresit

    Please replace kresit with your own home directory.

    5. After that the default page (generally "index.php", "index.php3", "index.htm","index.html") in your "web" directory can be accessed from the following URL:

    This refers to the webpage for a user having login id "kresit". When the web-server receives a request for this URL, it looks in ~kresit/web/, ie, the "web" directory under kresit's homepage. The default file (index.php, index.php3, index.html, or index.htm) is then loaded from that direcotory.

    Preventing your pages from getting indexed

    If you want to prevent all robots from indexing individual pages on your site, then you can place the following meta tag element into the page's HTML code:


    If you want to allow other robots to index individual pages on your site, preventing only Google's robots from indexing the pages, use the following tag:


    More information on this standard meta tag element is available here:

    For any difficulties or further clarifications, please send a mail to:

    sysads [at]
    webteam [at]

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