E L E C T R O N I C     T H E S I S     A N D     D I S S E R T A T I O N S
Degree RollNo Name Thesis Title Click For
2014 M.Tech 123050072 Amol Sitaram Morey Using GIS for Rural Water Network Design Abstract   Thesis
2014 M.Tech 123050080 Alok Kumar Dudwe Lexical Co-occurrences based Word Association Measures Abstract   Thesis
2013 M.Tech 113050054 Ghonge Shweta Prakash Word Association based on Lexical Co-occurrences and Statistical Significance Abstract   Thesis
2013 M.Tech 113050051 Sumanth J. Network Load Balancing Abstract   Thesis
2011 D.Deg 06D05002 Desai Pratik Manohar Rule Based Machine Translation Abstract   Thesis
2011 D.Deg 06D05003 Chheda Pankhil Harish An Empirical Study of Statistical Word Association Measures Abstract   Thesis
2010 D.Deg 05D05012 Satoskar Avijit Vikas English to Hindi Rule-based Transliteration Abstract   Thesis
2010 M.Tech 08305021 Debojyoti Chakraborty Statistical Approaches to Query Translation Abstract   Thesis
2010 M.Tech 08305068 Adarsh S. Rule-based and Statistic-based Translation Abstract   Thesis
2009 M.Tech 06329906 Amit Ratnapal Savita Sangodkar Application of Dependency Parsing to Rule-based and Statistical Machine Translation Abstract   Thesis
2009 M.Tech 07305045 Nikhilesh Sharma Shallow Parsing for Hindi Abstract   Thesis
2009 M.Tech 07305064 Padariya Nilesh Shivlal Statistical Approaches of Query Translation for Cross Language Information Retrieval Abstract   Thesis
2009 M.Tech 07305086 G.Rajeshwar Compound Noun Multiword Extraction Abstract   Thesis
2008 M.Tech 06305407 Anoop Kunchukuttan Multiword Expression Recognition For Compound Nouns Abstract   Thesis
2008 M.Tech 06329002 Manoj Kumar English to UNL Enconverter Abstract   Thesis
2008 M.Tech 06329008 Rohan Francis S. B. Nogueira Named-Entity Recognition using Graphical Models Abstract   Thesis
2008 M.Tech 06305009 Srijith P. K. Corpus Management Abstract   Thesis
2008 M.Tech 05329R10 Inakota.Rajesh Securing Enterprise Networks Abstract   Thesis
2008 D.Deg 03d05005 Sanchit Garg Web Server Security Abstract   Thesis
2007 M.Tech 05329031 Abhijeet B Kamble Automating News Gathering And Classifications Abstract   Thesis
2007 M.Tech 05329024 Anuj Tripathi Wireless Security and its Overheads Abstract   Thesis
2007 M.Tech 05329019 Amol Prabhakar Dharap Network Infrastructure Management Abstract   Thesis
2007 M.Tech 05329017 Esha Word Sense Disambiguation Engine for Multiple Languages Abstract   Thesis
2007 M.Tech 05329015 Deepak Garg Single Pass Network Anomaly Detection Abstract   Thesis
2007 M.Tech 05329007 Ajay Nalawade Natural Language Generation from Universal Networking Language Abstract   Thesis
2007 M.Tech 05329006 Sagar Ranadive Cross-Language Information Retrieval : An Indian Language Perspective Abstract   Thesis
2007 M.Tech 04329401 Srinivas Guntupalli Extensions to Security Enhanced Linux for Resource Management Abstract   Thesis
2006 M.Tech 04329015 Khurange Ashish Govind Design and Implementation of a Server Cluster Backend for Thin Client Computing Abstract   Thesis