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A special screening of this film was organized at IIT Bombay on 4th March 2009. This was a part of the 'Women's Day celebrations'. We have decided to promote this film by uploading it on the You tube soon. Mean while a special 'Limited edition' T Shirt of the film is created, and the design is given below. The T Shirt is designed by us, and the printing is done by 'ASMI Group'. For purchasing the T Shirt, please contact:

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The census reports of 2001, show a sharp decline in the sex ratio, (Male –Female) in our total population. Child Sex Ratio dropped to 927 girls per 1000 boys from 945 in the year 1991. The root cause being the sex determination technology & the sick mentality of using that to massacre millions of female foetuses.

This film is an attempt, to propagate the thought of loving the girl child, both born and the unborn. The script is based on the famous rhyme, ‘Chubby cheeks’, which has a beautiful description of a cute baby girl…that is everyone’s pet. Unfortunately, looking at the disturbing facts and figures of female foeticide, and infanticide, baby girls don’t seem to enjoy that status.


Kaumudi Sahasrabudhe

Pankaj Srivastav (VeHaan)

Poorvi Bellur, Antara, Sakshi, Gauri, Savani, Siddhi, and Vibhuti (age: 5 months)

Script Assistance:
Roopa Krithivasan

Editing & Direction:
Sameer Sahasrabudhe

Special Apperance: 
Nishad Bhagwat as girl child, (in the sonography, thats called a 'born actor'!!)


Chubby cheeks, dimple chin,
Rosy lips, teeth within,
Curly hair, very fair,
Eyes are blue, lovely two,
Teacher's pet is that you ? No, No, No.
Father's pet is that you ? No, No, No.
Mother's pet is that you ? No, No, No.
Brother's pet is that you ? No, No, No.
Sister's pet is that you ? No, No, No.
Uncle's pet is that you ? No, No, No.
Aunty's pet is that you ? No, No, No.


She's nobody's PET
Child Sex Ratio has dropped to 927 girls per 1000 boys

Save the Girl Child
Let us Save the Girl Child !

Awards & Honours

-Winner of UNFPA-Laadli National Creative Excellence Awards '08.
-Best Animated Film at FICCI BAF awards'07
-Nominated at ICE Short film festival'07
-Invited Screening at 'World Woman's Day' 08.
Gadkari Rangayatan, Thane
This was a memorable I asked the entire hall (full of 100 school kids), to sing Yes, Yes the poem so loudly, that the No, No, No was not heard..!

-A very special screenings like one at all girls college in a village Malegaon near Baramati, where 1100 girls saw the film in a big hall...and I got an over whelming response. I gave away autographs for the first time in my life!

-Another worth mentioning is at Aurangabad, where 750 college students saw the film, and appreciated by saying.."We could never think that animation can also make you cry..!". This comment is particularly important, as it came from the then commishnor of Aurangabad, Mr. Aseem Gupta. (also an IIT KGP Alumnus)


Desktop images

The full film is being made FREE for download, on the Women's Day...March 8th 2009. Watch this space!


After realising the gravity of the problem, expressed in the film....Poorvi (age 9 years) came up with a poem. The image below is a manuscript in her own handwriting with some illustrations...


A lot of people have been instrumental, in the making of this film. I would like to take this apportunity to thank all of them in making this film possible. The list is long..and I'm mentioning their support in short..just for the old times sake!!

Parents...mine and Kaumudi's...
For being wonderful parents..! Letting us follow our hearts..from choosing animation to choosing each other!!

My colleagues at KReSIT
For being supportive in my 'creative endeavours'

(Now, Dr) Saraswati Krithivasan, and Krithi Sir
For 'being' there with us...always!

Mrs. Pratibha and Phatak Sir
For all the encouragement

Parents of all the girls (who gave the voice over)
For being patient..and not asking even once...when can we see the film?

Pankaj Srivastav
My ex roomee, and our batchmate..,for composing great piece of music...FREE!!

Rajesh and Nilima Bhagwat
For allowing their 'son' to act as girl..even before he was born!!!
by lending the sonography video

Vaishampayan Kaka and the residents of Shraddhamata Society
For the continous encouragement

Chaitrali and Chintamani Joglekar
For the enthusiatic support.

Adiverekar Kaka, Kaku and their daughters..Aarti and Sneha
Our perfect neighbours..who are ever helpful !! Right from witnessing the first screening of the film to baby sitting Savani, when we had won our first award !!!

Money Sharma (then with animationXpress), Shruti Ganapatye (then with Loksatta), Dr. Anil Phale (then with Lokmat) and other friends from the media who covered the news in a apt way!
...The list continues..