Sridhar Iyer: Other Writings
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These are some articles written for a Children's Science Magazine -- Jantar Mantar.
The Princess' Dilemna. An Akbar-Birbal story to introduce the basics of TCP. Jantar Mantar Jan-Feb, 2004.
The Treasure Hunt. A School picnic story to introduce the basics of Routing. Jantar Mantar Mar-Apr, 2004.
The Vacation Trip. A story to introduce the Shortest Path Algorithm. Jantar Mantar May-Jun, 2004.
The Lunar Circuit. A story to introduce notions of Bandwidth and Delay. Jantar Mantar Jul-Aug, 2004.
Talk Time. A story to introduce Multiplexing Techniques. Jantar Mantar Sep-Oct, 2004.
Anupam's Adventure. A story to introduce Addressing and Lookup. Jantar Mantar Nov-Dec, 2004.
The Three Investigators. Basics of Cryptography. Jantar Mantar Jan-Feb, 2005.
The Parade. Circuit Switching v/s Packet Switching. Jantar Mantar Mar-Apr, 2005.
At The Amusement Park. Queueing Systems. Jantar Mantar May-Jun, 2005.
The Tracking Game. Location Update Mechanisms. Jantar Mantar Jul-Aug, 2005.
Hello from Hawaii. Calvin invents ALOHA and CSMA. Jantar Mantar Sep-Oct, 2005.
Funny Half-Half. Sherlock Holmes and Binary Search. Jantar Mantar Nov-Dec, 2005.

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