Sridhar Iyer: Research & Development Projects

My broad areas of research interest are: eLearning Technologies and Wireless Networking. More specifically:

  • I am interested in many aspects of elearning, such as the development of new/appropriate multimedia networking technology, authoring tools, course material creation, impact assessment and management of distance education.
  • I am also interested in 'locally-relevant' aspects of networking, such as wireless networking protocols, adhoc/sensor networks and applications.
  • To get an idea of current research projects, take a look at my Students Page and Publications Page.
  • At IIT Bombay, I work with the faculty and students of the SYNERG Research Group and also the Center for Distance Engineering Education Programme.
    Previously, I have worked in some areas in program/protocol verification, with the Center for Formal Design and Verification of Software.

    I am also actively involved in the activities of the Center of Excellence in Wireless Technology.

    Sponsored Projects Sponsoring Agency Project Duration
    Rural Educational Applications TTSL-IITB Center of Excellence in Telecom 2008+
    Computer Masti: Computer Science Textbooks for Schools SSRVM 2007+
    Project OSCAR: Open Source Courseware Animations Repository Open Source Software Resource Center 2006+
    eOutreach [PI:Deepak Phatak] TIFAC 2006+
    WiFiRe: Broadband wireless for rural areas CEWiT 2005-2008
    Communication protocols in resource constrained environments [PI:Krithi Ramamritham] Development Gateway Foundation 2003-2007
    xNet: eXplaining Networking, using simulation agents ASL, IIT Bombay 2001-2004
    MADE: Mobile agents for collaborative distributed applications [co:Sunita Sarawagi] Ministry of Information Technology 2001-2002
    ARA: Apportioning based reachability analysis tools for Java programs CFDVS, IIT Bombay 2000-2001
    Enhancing quality in distance education [PI:M.U. Deshpande] Ministry of Information Technology 2003-2005
    WebCT-based course on networking [PI:SSSP Rao] Ministry of Information Technology 2000-2001
    Mobile agents for electronic commerce Seed Research Grant, IIT Bombay 1999-2001

  • PhD thesis: Efficient reachability analysis for concurrent object-oriented programs. --- [Paper] --- [Prototype implementation (for analysis of Java programs)]
  • M.Tech thesis: Distributed termination detection for dynamic systems. --- [Paper]
  • Last Updated: June 2008