C. Vijaya Lakshmi

Systems Manager

Career Outline:

School of Information Technology

Systems Manager: KReSIT, IIT Bombay1999 Onwards

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

System Administrator:CSE Department, IIT Bombay1996 - 1999

Powai, Mumbai - 400 076

Project Engineer: (Informatics Project, CSE Department), IIT Bombay1990 - 1996 

Tel (Dir): (+91-22) 5764964(O), 5768529(R)

Project Engineer: (CLASS Project, CSE Department), IIT Bombay1986 - 1990 

Tel (Xchg): (+91-22) 5722545, xtn-4964(0)

Fax (Direct): (+91-22) 5720022 

e-mail: vijaya [AT] it.iitb.ac.in

My Academic Interests:

My main interests are Software Engineering, databases, networking.  In these areas I am mostly interested and am conversant with the application aspects. Being Project Manager and guide for inhouse and BE/MCA projects I gained experience in software architecture, software estimations and evaluations.
My latest interests are integration with payment gateways and handling various issues related to this area. Have been involved and managed a few inhouse projects for online payments. Currently am looking into the performance and availability issues of online applications with payment gateways. Estimation and evaluation of Software is another area in which I am working on.

I have a fascination for systems and their administration. I am conversant with various flavors of Unix operating system. I am also conversant with Novell Netware and Windows OS. Currently my focus is on Open Source Software and systems.

I have been coordinating and guiding the external BE/MCA projects since 2001.

Current Activities:

Systems management: which includes, analysing and providing configuration of systems, other hardware, and software requirements of the department, upgrading the current systems hardware and software, System administration which includes managing the requirements and configuration of all the labs, BI, DEP, and other sponsored and research projects.
Technical Coordinator: e-Guru scheme under eKalavya"
Technical Coordinator:
"Lord of The Code-Open Source Challenge, jointly conducted with RedHat
OSCAR -Open Source Courseware Animation Repository"


Students from various parts in India have worked with me.
Main projects that were successfully completed and deployed are
Tejas , drona which has been extended, upgraded and is being currently used for eKalavya, oscar, and RHS portals, xNet, Telemedicine, and various other open source projects. Tejas, Virtual web and xnet projects have been released on cds. These projects and the other projects developed in open source are all available for download


Music - listening to mostly classical vocal and instrumental and enjoy drupad concerts. I enjoy playing Veena (only at home).
Reading - Science, Fiction and Philosophical works.
Cooking and feeding others!
I like travelling and writing about my experiences (A few of them are available
Pranayam and Yoga.