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    The team designs graphics that match student’s understanding. It uses raster graphics (made up of colour pixels) as well as vector graphics (made up of lines and shapes).
    It includes Logos, Icons, Illustrations, Templates, Technical Diagrams, Scientific Figures, Line Art, etc. Read more

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    Print media includes posters, leaflets, brochures and visual designs. The team designs customised branding and promotional material. It also prepares attractive layouts that can be used in pamphlets, booklets, brochures, banners, invitation cards, hoardings and posters. Read more

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    Web presence of any department can be turned into a reality by the team of Design and Animation. The team is capable of creating and hosting attractive and user friendly websites – dynamic as well as static. The team works closely with the client team to design the websites for projects, activities and events.. Read more

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    The team has developed templates that can be used as a framework or master layout to design any document. Some of the templates in the repository are multimedia presentations, banners, hoardings, invitation cards, e-mailers and standees. Some templates can be downloaded and edited. Read more

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    2D Animation

    2D animation is a digital method of flipbook animation where visuals are created by drawing in software. Drawing skills are preferably required but there are a lot more convenient tools within the software help you draw faster and adjust the timing of your animation easily.
    We create 2D animations using open source software for scientific purposes. Read more

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    3D Animation

    3D animation creates animation using three dimensional virtual space and has potential to create realistic and aesthetically stunning visual. 3D software is able to do so because of its calculation which can render images as realistic as real life images.
    We create walkthroughs and character animations using 3D models created using Blender, an open source 3D tool, from our repository at http://oscar.iitb.ac.in/blenderrepository.do. Read more

Design & Animation (D&A) team develops high quality graphics and digital animations for educational purpose. The team consists of Graphic Designers, Animators and Programmers. It offers designs for Print, Website, Broadcast and Interactive media. It coordinates with different departments of IIT Bombay to enhance learning material. The departments can approach the Design and Animation team for creative (graphics & animation) content requirement.

One can fill up the requirement form and send it to team. Some templates are available for download which can be easily edited and used for various purposes.

The team has developed 2D and 3D animations for desktop as well as tablets. It regularly designs branding and promotion material for various activities and events at IIT Bombay.