Frequently Asked Questions

Sign up and Workshop Registrations FAQs

1) Whether sign-up is compulsory?

Ans. Yes, to attend the ISTE Workshops of IITB, you need to sign up and register compulsorily.

2) Do I need to do anything after the sign up is done?

Ans. You have to verify your e-mail id after the sign up details are completed. This will activate your account.

3) Will only the creation of login id make me eligible to attend the workshop?

Ans. No. After the login id is created, it is also compulsory for you to register for the workshop.

4) Am I eligible for registration if am not a faculty?

Ans. No, ISTE workshops conducted by IIT Bombay are only for teaching faculty.

5) What should I do if I am not able to complete the sign up page or facing issues during sign up?

Ans. Please check if you have filled all the information correctly.

6) Why did I not receive an automated verification e-mail from IIT Bombay?

Ans. Please check your spam folder if it is not in your inbox. It is possible that you have typed your email id wrongly or given some different email id during registration. Please contact our software team for the same.

7) Can I edit my profile?

Ans. Yes, you can edit your profile if you want to make any updates in your profile. For example your Institute and contact details etc.

8) What if I forgot my password?

Ans. You may click on the forgot password link and follow the steps to reset your password.

9) Is there a course fee to attend the workshop?

Ans. No. Currently all ISTE workshops are funded by NMEICT (MHRD Govt. of India).

10) What are the criteria to become a participant?

Ans. You should be an employed faculty member from an Engineering/Polytechnic/Post graduate Science Institute with knowledge in the specified subject.

11) How will I come to know about the new workshops of IIT Bombay?

Ans. If you have completed the sign up formality successfully, then you will receive an automated e-mail every time whenever new workshops are announced by IIT Bombay. Also the announcement will be done on our website.

12) Is there a registration fee for online sign up?

Ans. No, it is free of cost.

13) Do I need to sign up every time for every workshop?

Ans. No, you have to sign up only once. However you will have to register for the workshops you wish to attend.

14) Is it compulsory to attend all workshops?

Ans. It is not compulsory; you may register for a workshop based on your personal interest, eligibility and engagement.

15) Can I use two different e-mail ids for sign up?

Ans. No, please do not follow this practice as it creates duplication of names.

16) Where can I get the permission letter format?

Ans. The format of the permission letter is given on our website. Before uploading the permission letter please fill the letter correctly. The letter must have signature and seal of your head of the Institute as mentioned on it.