For the Moodle workshop on 15 March, we have jotted down some important points for you. You are requested to kindly go through it as per your role and take necessary action:

  1. Remote Centre Coordinator
  2. Workshop Coordinator (Teacher) of Remote centre
  3. System Administrator
  4. Participants

Guidelines for the Remote Centre Coordinator (RCC)

  1. The Remote Center Coordinator (RCC) will be the main point of contact between IIT Bombay and his/her institute.
  2. RCC is required to complete the A-VIEW testing as per the allotted slot.
  3. RCC should coordinate with their workshop coordinator and system administrator in their centre for workshop related work.
  4. To make the A-VIEW classroom and computer lab available for upto the number indicated earlier. It is preferable, although not mandatory, to have two different venues: One for A-VIEW interaction and the other for hands-on sessions.
  5. To provide internet facility for the attending participants.
  6. To take care of the logistics related work during the Moodle workshop. This includes collection of course fee of Rs. 400/-, cost of food and snacks for the participants etc.
  7. RCC are also required to take attendance of the registered participants during the workshop. The online attendance will be available in their login dashboard.

Guidelines for the Workshop Coordinator

  1. The Workshop Coordinator (WSC) is required to be available during the workshop and help solve the queries of participants during the main workshop.
  2. To coordinate with RCC for the smooth functioning of the workshop.
  3. Spare ear phones to be made available, in case of any emergencies.
  4. Conduct the workshop using spoken tutorials, through side by side method.
  5. To submit the participants' attendance online

Guidelines for System administrator (Coordinator)  

  1. Please ensure that offline Spoken Tutorial content and installation files has copy on all the PCs of your institute lab (for the workshop)
  2. You can download it from this link: click here
  3. Please go through the instruction sheet for creating a lab environment.

Guidelines for Participants

  1. You are required to report at the remote centre at least 30 minutes before the start of the workshop.
  2. An amount of Rs. 400/- to be paid to your respective Remote Centre Coordinator. To know your RCC details, please click here.
  3. All participants are required to bring ear phones, as they will have to listen to video tutorials. Without ear phones, the workshop will not at all be effective.
  4. You are required to attend the workshop in your chosen remote centre only.

System administrators  

  1. It is mandatory for all System Administrators to bring a laptop and one earphone when they come for the workshop.
  2. You are required to bring your own laptop with the following setup:
    • Required OS version: Windows 7/8/10 or Ubuntu16.04/18.04.
    • Virtualisation should be enabled in all laptops.