TWO-WEEK ISTE WORKSHOP on Engineering Mechanics

Under the National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, New Delhi.

November 26th, 2013 to December 6th, 2013

S No Session Lecture Click to download
1 Lectures EM_M_L10A_Simple Friction.mp4 Download
2 Lectures EM_M_L10B_Simple Friction (Tutorial).mp4 Download
3 Lectures EM_M_L11A_Complex Friction - Screw Jack, Belt Friction.mp4 Download
4 Lectures EM_M_L11B_Complex Friction - Screw Jack, Belt Friction.mp4 Download
5 Lectures EM_M_L11C_Complex Friction - Screw Jack, Belt Friction ( Tutorial ).mp4 Download
6 Lectures EM_M_L11D_Complex Friction - Screw Jack, Belt Friction.mp4 Download
7 Lectures EM_M_L12A_Principle of Virtual Work.mp4 Download
8 Lectures EM_M_L12B_Principle of Virtual Work.mp4 Download
9 Lectures EM_M_L12C_Principle of Virtual Work ( Tutorial ).mp4 Download
10 Lectures EM_M_L13A_Principle of Minimum Potential Energy.mp4 Download
11 Lectures EM_M_L13B_Principle of Minimum Potential Energy.mp4 Download
12 Lectures EM_M_L13C_Principle of Minimum Potential Energy ( Tutorial ).mp4 Download
13 Lectures EM_M_L14A_Particle Kinematics - Rectilinear and Curvilinear Motion.mp4 Download
14 Lectures EM_M_L14B_Particle Kinematics - Rectilinear and Curvilinear Motion.mp4 Download
15 Lectures EM_M_L14C_Particle Kinematics - Rectilinear and Curvilinear Motion ( Tutorial ).mp4 Download
16 Lectures EM_M_L15A_Kinetics.mp4 Download
17 Lectures EM_M_L15B_Kinetics.mp4 Download
18 Lectures EM_M_L15C_Kinetics.mp4 Download
19 Lectures EM_M_L15D_Kinetics ( Tutorial ).mp4 Download
20 Lectures EM_M_L16A_Work Energy Theorem.mp4 Download
21 Lectures EM_M_L16B_Work Energy Theorem.mp4 Download
22 Lectures EM_M_L16C_Work Energy Theorem ( Tutorial ).mp4 Download
23 Lectures EM_M_L17A_Mass Moment of Inertia.mp4 Download
24 Lectures EM_M_L17B_Mass Moment of Inertia.mp4 Download
25 Lectures EM_M_L18A_Kinematic of Rigid bodies.mp4 Download
26 Lectures EM_M_L18B_Kinematic of Rigid bodies.mp4 Download
27 Lectures EM_M_L18C_Kinematic of Rigid bodies ( Tutorial ).mp4 Download
28 Lectures EM_M_L19_Rigid Body Kinetics (2D).mp4 Download
29 Lectures EM_M_L1_Fundamentals.mp4 Download
30 Lectures EM_M_L20A_Mechanical Vibrations.mp4 Download
31 Lectures EM_M_L20B_Mechanical Vibrations.mp4 Download
32 Lectures EM_M_L20C_Mechanical Vibrations.mp4 Download
33 Lectures EM_M_L20D_Mechanical Vibrations - Tutorial.mp4 Download
34 Lectures EM_M_L21_Discussion Session.mp4 Download
35 Lectures EM_M_L22_Interaction Session.mp4 Download
36 Lectures EM_M_L23_IT literacy through open source software.mp4 Download
37 Lectures EM_M_L2_Introduction to Vector Mechanics.mp4 Download
38 Lectures EM_M_L3A_Equivalent System of Force.mp4 Download
39 Lectures EM_M_L3B_Equivalent System of Force ( Tutorial ).mp4 Download
40 Lectures EM_M_L4A_Centroids and Centre of Gravity.mp4 Download
41 Lectures EM_M_L4B_Centroids and Centre of Gravity ( Tutorial ).mp4 Download
42 Lectures EM_M_L5A_Distributed Force.mp4 Download
43 Lectures EM_M_L5B_Distributed Force ( Tutorial ).mp4 Download
44 Lectures EM_M_L6A_Area Moment and Mass Moment of Inertia.mp4 Download
45 Lectures EM_M_L6B_Area Moment and Mass Moment of Inertia ( Tutorial ).mp4 Download
46 Lectures EM_M_L7A_2D Equilibrium.mp4 Download
47 Lectures EM_M_L7B_2D Equilibrium ( Discussion Session ).mp4 Download
48 Lectures EM_M_L7C_2D Equilibrium ( Tutorial ).mp4 Download
49 Lectures EM_M_L7D_2D Equilibrium.mp4 Download
50 Lectures EM_M_L7E_2D Equilibrium ( Tutorial ).mp4 Download
51 Lectures EM_M_L8A_3D Equilibrium.mp4 Download
52 Lectures EM_M_L8B_3D Equilibrium.mp4 Download
53 Lectures EM_M_L8C_3D Equilibrium ( Tutorial ).mp4 Download
54 Lectures EM_M_L9A_Truss.mp4 Download
55 Lectures EM_M_L9B_Truss.mp4 Download
56 Lectures EM_M_L9C_Truss.mp4 Download
57 Lectures EM_M_L9D_Truss (Tutorial ).mp4 Download
58 Lectures EM_M_Valedictory Function.mp4 Download