Two Week ISTE Main Workshop on Cyber Security

Under the National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Govt. of India

July 10th, 2014 to July 20th, 2014

S No Session Lecture Click to download
1 Lectures CS_M_Inaugural Session.mp4 Download
2 Lectures CS_M_Prof. Bhatkar.mp4 Download
3 Lectures CS_M_S001_Introduction.mp4 Download
4 Lectures CS_M_S002_Cryptography Basics - I.mp4 Download
5 Lectures CS_M_S003_OpenSSL Toolkit.mp4 Download
6 Lectures CS_M_S004_Cryptography Basics - II.mp4 Download
7 Lectures CS_M_S005_Introduction to Wireshark.mp4 Download
8 Lectures CS_M_S006_Security Protocols - I.mp4 Download
9 Lectures CS_M_S007_Firebug.mp4 Download
10 Lectures CS_M_S008_Security Protocols - II.mp4 Download
11 Lectures CS_M_S009_SSL Inspection Using Wireshark.mp4 Download
12 Lectures CS_M_S010_Software Vulnerabilities and Web Application Security - I.mp4 Download
13 Lectures CS_M_S011_SQL Injection with DVWA.mp4 Download
14 Lectures CS_M_S012_Question Clarification Session.mp4 Download
15 Lectures CS_M_S013A_Security Assurance - A Sysad's Perspective.mp4 Download
16 Lectures CS_M_S013B_Security Assurance - A Sysad's Perspective.mp4 Download
17 Lectures CS_M_S014_Software Vulnerabilities and Web Application Security - II.mp4 Download
18 Lectures CS_M_S015_XSS Attacks on DVWA.mp4 Download
19 Lectures CS_M_S016_Question & Answer Session.mp4 Download
20 Lectures CS_M_S017_SIEM & OSSEC.mp4 Download
21 Lectures CS_M_S018_Log Analysis Tools, Proxy Server, Squid ACL.mp4 Download
22 Lectures CS_M_S019_Question & Answer Session.mp4 Download
23 Lectures CS_M_S020_Key Management.mp4 Download
24 Lectures CS_M_S021_Buffer Overflow.mp4 Download
25 Lectures CS_M_S022_Non-Cryptographic Protocol Vulnerabilities.mp4 Download
26 Lectures CS_M_S023_NMAP Tool.mp4 Download
27 Lectures CS_M_S024_Nessus Tool.mp4 Download
28 Lectures CS_M_S025A_Database Security.mp4 Download
29 Lectures CS_M_S025B_Database Security.mp4 Download
30 Lectures CS_M_S026_Think Pair Share - An Active Learning Strategy.mp4 Download
31 Lectures CS_M_S027_Malwares.mp4 Download
32 Lectures CS_M_S028_Metasploit.mp4 Download
33 Lectures CS_M_S029_Intrusion Detection and Prevention.mp4 Download
34 Lectures CS_M_S030_Snort.mp4 Download
35 Lectures CS_M_S031_Question and Answer Session.mp4 Download
36 Lectures CS_M_S032_Research Directions - Elliptic Curve Cryptography.mp4 Download
37 Lectures CS_M_S033_Web Application Security.mp4 Download
38 Lectures CS_M_S034A_Phishing - Threats and Countermeasures.mp4 Download
39 Lectures CS_M_S034B_Phishing - Threats and Countermeasures.mp4 Download
40 Lectures CS_M_S035_Network Intrusion Detection System(NIDS).mp4 Download
41 Lectures CS_M_S036_Research Directions - Advanced Encryption Standard.mp4 Download
42 Lectures CS_M_S037_Feedback and Valedictory Session.mp4 Download