TWO - WEEK ISTE Short Term Training Programme (STTP) on Pedagogy for Effective use of ICT in Engineering Education

Under the National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, New Delhi.

January 5th, 2015 to January 31st, 2015

S No Session Lecture Click to download
1 Lectures PP1_S001_Technology Enabled Learning - Ushering in the MOOCs Era.mp4 Download
2 Lectures PP1_S002_Setting Expectations.mp4 Download
3 Lectures PP1_S003_Learning Objectives_What, Why and How.mp4 Download
4 Lectures PP1_S004_Hierarchy of Cognitive Levels.mp4 Download
5 Lectures PP1_S005_Questions & Answers Session.mp4 Download
6 Lectures PP1_S006_Concept Maps - Why, What, How.mp4 Download
7 Lectures PP1_S007_Digital Blooms Taxonomy.mp4 Download
8 Lectures PP1_S008_Visualizing Scientific Content.mp4 Download
9 Lectures PP1_S009_Questions & Answers Session.mp4 Download
10 Lectures PP1_S010_Alignment of Assessment with Learning Objectives.mp4 Download
11 Lectures PP1_S011_Rubrics - Assessing Open Ended Tasks.mp4 Download
12 Lectures PP1_S012_Flipped Classroom.mp4 Download
13 Lectures PP1_S013_Creating Video for your own Classroom.mp4 Download
14 Lectures PP1_S014_Questions & Answers Session.mp4 Download
15 Lectures PP2_S001_Taking Stock_Feedback on Assignments.mp4 Download
16 Lectures PP2_S002_Wiki_For Collaboration and Group Projects.mp4 Download
17 Lectures PP2_S003_Questions & Answers Session.mp4 Download
18 Lectures PP2_S004A_Effective Integration of Visualization for Active Learning.mp4 Download
19 Lectures PP2_S004B_Effective Integration of Visualization for Active Learning.mp4 Download
20 Lectures PP2_S005_Course Portfolio.mp4 Download
21 Lectures PP2_S006_Questions & Answers Session.mp4 Download
22 Lectures PP2_S007A_Action Research in Educational Technology.mp4 Download
23 Lectures PP2_S007B_Action Research in Educational Technology.mp4 Download
24 Lectures PP2_S008_Consolidation_ET4ET.mp4 Download
25 Lectures PP2_S009_Questions & Answers Session.mp4 Download