Financial Literacy course details and online registration

We are happy to inform you that IIT Bombay has designed a series of four short courses under the 'College to Corporate' program.
The program is primarily targeted at pre-final and final year students, to help them prepare for the corporate world, and perform better in the recruitment process. Corporates that recruit the final year students have certain expectations from their prospective employees. If the students/candidates are made aware of these expectations and the skills required fulfilling these expectations, their journey from College to Corporate would become easier.

The program will be conducted using the hybrid/blended MOOCs pedagogy developed at IIT Bombay. In this approach, participants learn online, as also through face-to-face interaction. The course content would be made available on the Hybrid MOOCs platform ( The students would be required to do the online activity before and after the face-to-face interaction (through A-VIEW). In each course, the face-to-face interaction will be conducted fortnightly during the weekends. In additions, student will be required to complete weekly activities in their college (RC). The program consists of following four courses.

  • Soft Skills
  • Workplace Communication
  • Financial Literacy
  • Technical Skills