About NVLI

The Ministry of Culture, Government of India has decided to setup the National Virtual Library of India (NVLI). This is an important part of the larger vision of putting information of the entire Indian cultural heritage in the digital web world. One of the major objective is to collect, standardise and collate all available digital assets and/or digital information about physical assets in an easily searchable form.

One of the key activities in creation of NVLI is the need to involve thousands of people working in domain specific institutes to correctly and comprehensively feed the data available with them. Apart from the tens of thousands of libraries, other types of institutes such as museums, heritage sites under ASI, some central and state government departments, institutes of art/music/culture are expected to be vital contributors to this visionary project.

About IITBX-NVLI training

All the people involved in creating NVLI need to be trained on the concepts and the methodology to create verified data and link it in a manner that facilitate ease of search.

IIT Bombay has extensive experience in delivering large scale ICT based projects. The Ministry of HRD, Government of India funded T10KT project has trained more than a lakh teachers of engineering institutes all over India. IIT has successfully implemented a "blended" model where tens of thousands of engineering students have benefited through access to IIT style learning with the help of their own local institutes.

IIT Bombay is extending the use of this time tested proven methodology to familiarize the tens of thousands of individuals spread all over India, working in diverse domain institutes on the basics and methods of creating accurate content which is linked to various topics to facilitate easy search and retrieval. The present site has been implemented to manage this vast and diverse training.