Welcome to the National Virtual Library of India training programme conducted by IIT Bombay for Ministry of Culture, Government of India

Institutes spread all over India are expected to contribute to the Government of India's ambitious virtual library project. These institutes together have a staff of more than one Lakh persons. These individuals have a diverse background and deal with different domain areas. They are expected to create precise digital description of existing physical resources and provide digital links to appropriate searchable topics. It is extremely important that the virtual library contains accurate searchable data.

Towards this end, IIT Bombay has prepared an array of training material for empowering the staff, using a unique blend of technology and an innovative pedagogy. New technologies and tools have been employed to further enhance the educational experience. IIT Bombay has an extensive proven track record in disseminating knowledge through online training programs. The T10KT project sponsored by Ministry of HRD, GoI, has trained more than a lakh teachers of engineering institutes. IIT Bombay has pioneered the blended education model wherein more than 50 educational institutes have jointly collaborated to expose tens of thousands of engineering students to IIT way of education. IIT Bombay plans to leverage the technology and experience of delivering these programs to execute this challenging training initiative of the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.