LAKSHYA: Learner Advancement of Knowledge & Skills through HYbrid Approach.

Under 'IITBombayX - LAKSHYA' programme, we will be offering various skill courses to learners, aimed at empowering them to become better professionals. This is the initiative of ESOS (Educational Services for Outreach at Scale) and CDEEP (Centre for Distance Engineering Education Programme) at IIT Bombay. The courses will be conducted using the blended MOOCs pedagogy developed at IIT Bombay. This approach combines online learning with face-to-face sessions.

The main online component is delivered using IITBombayX hybrid MOOC platform ( A learner needs to spend between 6 to 8 hours per week, using the online content, and to carry out the indicated activities. The understanding of the topics so covered will be assessed online using practice/graded quizzes. This part can be completed by the learners at any time and place convenient to them, within the prescribed time limit set for a topic. All you need is a PC with an Internet connection. An active discussion forum permits the participants to ask doubts and questions, which are clarified by the faculty and course teams.

Face-to-face sessions for the course are conducted from IIT Bombay on weekends as per the schedule prescribed for the course. We use an Open Source package called 'A-View', developed by Amrita University. The live webcast of these sessions can be watched on a specific YouTube channel. Selected questions, raised by the students during the week, will be answered by the faculty in these live sessions.

Many colleges in India have established the A-View facility, using which a live interactive connection is established during such face-to-face sessions. These colleges are called Remote Centres (RCs) of IIT Bombay. A complete list of these colleges is accessible here. If these colleges are willing to make these facilities available during such scheduled sessions, then the students studying in these will get an additional benefit of participating in live interaction with course faculty. Such list will be published from time to time on the course page of IITBombayX platform .