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Soft Skills

This Course is conducted by Prof. Virendra Sethi from August 2nd, 2021 to November 21st, 2021


Any new or expanded game requires the practice of new or enhanced skills. Stepping out from College to the Professional domain is considered to be similar in nature. The Soft Skills course is intended to introduce you to the new `you’ that may be invented and then practiced for the game to be played.

Each of us is trained to be successful, and we find our own ways to accomplish what we desire. All these are within a set of circumstances and the immediate environment (parents, relatives, teachers, friends, social media). A change in such an environment can come suddenly when one moves from the “comfort” of a “known/familiar” setting to that of a differently paced world, where who you have known yourself to be is necessary, but not sufficient. This course will focus on providing practice sessions to invent and build a muscle for the expectations ahead.


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